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5 Reasons to Test Your Gut Microbiome

What is home to trillions of tiny bugs; in a constant state of change; and as unique as a fingerprint? It's the human gut microbiome. Established at birth and influenced by countless environmental factors throughout a lifetime - including what you eat, where you live,...

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Key Functions of The Gut Microbiome

4 Metabolites of the human gut microbiome explained Thanks to the power of science, the connection between the gut microbiome and human health has become increasingly recognised. Current research suggests that the gut microbiome plays an integral role in overall...

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10 Key Terms to Help Understand Gut Health

The human gut microbiome can be a tricky topic to navigate. Yet, as a human, the state of your gut microbiome plays an integral role in managing overall health and well-being, and can provide relief of symptoms of certain health conditions , such as Crohn's disease...

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